Makri Travel

Makri Travel is a Greek ferry company based in Rhodes, founded in 2018. It specializes in providing travel packages and ship routes from the Dodecanese Islands to Turkey.

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The main goal of Makri Travel is to provide high-quality and reliable service. The company places great emphasis on transporting passengers with consistency, comfort, and safety. It strives to offer a pleasant and comfortable travel experience to all its passengers. Makri Travel operates four quality ships, ensuring a high level of security and protection for its passengers. The professionals and specialized staff of Makri Travel are always ready to assist and serve passengers with courtesy and friendliness. The company is distinguished by its commitment to providing reliable and excellent services in the field of ferry travel, aiming to meet the needs of passengers with professionalism and success.

Makri Travel offers daily ferry connections between the following destinations:

  • Rhodes - Fethiye: The company operates ships that serve the route between Rhodes and Fethiye, providing the opportunity for passenger transportation.
  • Samos - Kusadasi: Makri Travel also offers ferry connections between Samos and Kusadasi, allowing passengers to travel from one island to the coast of Turkey.
  • Kos - Bodrum: Passengers can choose Makri Travel for their transportation between Kos and Bodrum, a popular tourist city in Turkey.
  • Chios - Cesme: Lastly, the company provides a ferry connection between Chios and Cesme, offering the possibility of travel between the island and the coast of Turkey.

Through these routes, Makri Travel caters to the needs of passengers, providing them with options for travel between these destinations with comfort and safety. Through the booktickets platform, you can purchase tickets with just a few simple clicks. Additionally, the option of issuing an electronic ticket (e-ticket) is available. This way, you can board the ship without the need for a printed ticket in physical form. The e-ticket provides the necessary information and confirmation of your reservation, which you can carry in electronic format on your mobile phone or another device.