ANES Ferries: Ferries to Aegina and Sporades

The ferry company ANES Ferries has been operating in Greek coastal shipping since 1979. In 2006, it expanded its operations to the Piraeus-Aegina line, and since 2013, it has also served the lines to the Sporades islands. Today, ANES Ferries operates with a total of 4 vessels, providing ferry connections between Piraeus and Aegina, as well as the islands of the Sporades.

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The company

ANES Ferries operates daily routes with departure ports from Piraeus and the port of Aegina. The company aims to further develop its coastal shipping services with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

Routes - Destinations

Ferry routes to Piraeus

  • Aegina to Piraeus
  • Agios Konstantinos to Piraeus

Ferry routes to Glyfa, Fthiotida

  • Agios Konstantinos to Glyfa, Fthiotida
  • Glossa Skopelos to Glyfa, Fthiotida
  • Skiathos to Glyfa, Fthiotida

Ferry routes to Skopelos

  • Agios Konstantinos to Chora Skopelos
  • Alonissos to Chora Skopelos
  • Glyfa Fthiotida to Chora Skopelos
  • Mantoudi Evia to Chora Skopelos
  • Skiathos to Chora Skopelos
  • Volos to Chora Skopelos
  • Alonissos to Skopelos
  • Mantoudi Evia to Agnontas Skopelos

Ferry routes to Agios Konstantinos

  • Chora Skopelos to Agios Konstantinos
  • Glyfa Fthiotida to Agios Konstantinos
  • Piraeus to Agios Konstantinos
  • Skiathos to Agios Konstantinos
  • Chora Skopelos to Agios Konstantinos

Ferry routes to Glossa Skopelos

  • Agios Konstantinos to Glossa Skopelos
  • Glyfa Fthiotida to Glossa Skopelos
  • Mantoudi Evia to Glossa Skopelos
  • Skiathos to Glossa Skopelos
  • Volos to Glossa Skopelos

Ferry routes to Skiathos

  • Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos
  • Alonissos to Skiathos
  • Glossa Skopelos to Skiathos
  • Glyfa Fthiotida to Skiathos
  • Mantoudi Evia to Skiathos
  • Chora Skopelos to Skiathos
  • Agnontas Skopelos to Skiathos
  • Volos to Skiathos

Ferry routes to Evia

  • Alonissos to Mantoudi Evia
  • Glossa Skopelos to Mantoudi Evia
  • Skiathos to Mantoudi Evia
  • Chora Skopelos to Mantoudi Evia
  • Agnontas Skopelos to Mantoudi Evia
  • Volos to Mantoudi Evia

Ferry routes to Volos

  • Alonissos to Volos
  • Glossa Skopelos to Volos
  • Mantoudi Evia to Volos
  • Skiathos to Volos
  • Agnontas Skopelos to Volos

Ferry routes to Alonissos

  • Mantoudi Evia to Alonissos
  • Skiathos to Alonissos
  • Chora Skopelos to Alonissos
  • Agnontas Skopelos to Alonissos
  • Volos to Alonissos

Passengers traveling with pets must always have the updated health booklet of their pet, a pet carrier weighing up to 10 kilograms, or a muzzle for pets weighing over 10 kilograms. They are responsible for the care, safety, and hygiene of their pets. Pets are not allowed in the common indoor areas of ANES Ferries' ships. Dogs are allowed to circulate only if accompanied by their owner and wearing a leash. Book your ferry tickets quickly and affordably at booktickets! Here you will find all the available information about prices and schedules of the ships.