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A-Ships Management (European Seaways) is based in Athens and was founded in 1990. It specializes in the management and operation of passenger RO-RO ships. On the booktickets platform, you will find all the ship itineraries of A-Ships Management and the departure times of the ships. Compare the prices and easily book cheap ferry tickets with all discounts for passengers and vehicles.

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Travel comfortably with the passenger ferry boat of European Seaways, which offers a wide range of amenities for passengers. Whether you prefer internal or external cabins, with or without services, or regular passenger seats, the journey will be a unique experience for you. Additionally, there is a bar and restaurant on board for your convenience and relaxation.

European Seaways offers reduced prices for traveling with children, and there is also a small children's playground on the ship. The company follows the international pollution prevention code, providing a safe and environmentally friendly way of travel to its customers.

Routes - Destinations

It operates the ferry connection from Brindisi to Valona, providing daily service throughout the year. During the summer months, it expands its activities to the Brindisi - Corfu - Igoumenitsa route. The company's goal is to provide safe and comfortable service to every customer.