Samothraki: Ferry schedules and online booking tickets

Samothraki: Ferry schedules and online booking tickets

  • Ferry routes and tickets Alexandroupoli - Samothraki
  • Ferry routes and tickets Kavala - Samothraki

Ferry routes and tickets to Samothraki

To travel to Samothraki, you can use various means of transportation depending on your preferences and capabilities. The most common ways to reach Samothrace are as follows:

  • By ferry: You can reach Samothrace by ferry from the ports of Alexandroupoli or Kavala. Most ferry companies offer regular schedules to the island, especially during the summer months. The travel time can range from 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the departure point.
  • By car: You can reach Samothraki by car, starting from various cities in Northern Greece such as Alexandroupoli, Kavala, or Thessaloniki. You will need to drive to the corresponding port and take the ferry to Samothrace.

It is recommended to check the available transportation options and plan your trip in advance, especially during the summer season.