Minoan Lines: Offers & Ferry Ticket Discounts

On the booktickets platform, you can locate and obtain all the offers and discounts for Minoan Lines ferry routes, whether they are destinations within Greece or international destinations. Here, you can check departure times, compare prices, and easily and quickly book ferry tickets, taking advantage of all available discounts for passengers and vehicles.


Here is a list of the most popular discounts and offers on Minoan Lines ferry tickets:

  • Discount for Large Families: -50% discount on DECK, -30% discount on VIP, and all other seating categories, and -30% discount for children up to 25 years old. Additionally, there is a 20% discount for motorcycles and cars.
  • Discount for Three-Child Families: -30% discount on your tickets for domestic routes! This discount is valid for all seating categories except AB1, A1, and LUX. Furthermore, a 20% discount is provided for motorcycles and cars. This discount also applies to children up to 25 years old.
  • Child Discount: Children under 5 years old travel for free in the economy area. There is a 50% reduction in tickets for children under 5 years old who are provided with a bed in all seating categories. For children aged 5 to 12, there is a 50% discount on all seats.
  • Senior Citizens Discount: A 25% reduction is offered for all seating categories. This offer is valid throughout the year.
  • Discount for NAT Retirees: -50% discount on the retiree's and spouse's tickets. This discount applies to all seats except for categories AB1, A1, and LUX. Additionally, there is a 20% discount for motorcycles and cars.
  • Discount for Persons with disabilities: -50% discount on all passenger seating categories except A1 and LUX. Additionally, there is a -50% discount for the companion. This offer also applies to the car, with special license plates or Disabled Person's Parking Permit.
  • Discount on Domestic Tickets for International Ticket Holders: -30% discount on tickets for the Cyclades and Crete lines if you simultaneously purchase international and domestic tickets for the Adriatic Line, excluding the VIP category. This offer is for passengers traveling from Europe to Greece.
  • Combined Route Discount (Minoan Lines - Grimaldi Lines): -30% discount on the Adriatic lines of Minoan Lines for passengers and vehicles that have traveled one leg of the journey with Grimaldi Lines.
  • Round-Trip Discount for International Routes: -30% discount on round-trip tickets to/from Greece. To qualify for this discount, you must purchase tickets for both routes simultaneously. The discount applies only to the return journey. This offer also applies to route combinations involving international lines.
  • Family Offer: A -20% discount is provided. This discount is available for groups of 3 or more people and applies to various passenger seating categories, specifically DECK, AES, ABS, AB3, AB4, A3, A4, AS3, AS4, with or without their own car (cars, jeeps).
  • Military Discount: Army, Air Force, Navy, and Security Corps officers and personnel are entitled to a 25% discount in the economy class.
  • NAT Retirees Discount: Book your tickets for the new Cyclades Line together with your partner and enjoy a -25% discount on your tickets for a unique trip with Minoan Lines.
  • Unemployed Discount: To facilitate your trips to the Cyclades islands, we offer a 20% discount on the economy class for domestic routes. This discount is exclusively for unemployment cardholders, and you must present your unemployment card and ID during both booking and boarding.
  • 4 People, 1 Free: Choose your destination, select your cabin, and get ready to travel with your group or family because in a group of four (4) people, one (1) travels completely free in a quadruple cabin! This offer is valid for four people traveling together in the same quadruple cabin.