N & E Aegean

The Northern Aegean is a region on the northern side of the Aegean Sea, situated between Greece and Turkey. It consists of a group of islands, some of which are well-known for their history, culture, and natural beauty. Some of the main islands and locations in the Northern Aegean include: Lesvos (Lesbos): It is the third-largest island in Greece and is known for its traditional architecture, archaeological sites, and beautiful beaches. Chios: This island has a rich history, medieval villages, and landmarks such as the medieval village of Mesta. Samos: Famous for the ancient Pythagorean school, archaeological sites, and its renowned winemaking industry. Limnos: A large and sparsely populated island with natural beauty, a coastline with many beaches, and traditional villages.

The Northern Aegean region offers diversity in every aspect, from history and culture to natural beauty and the sea.