Syros, an aristocratic and proud city, enchants its visitors and offers unforgettable vacations. This city boasts excellent infrastructure and a variety of accommodation options for your stay. Moreover, you can discover attractions and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island.


History of Syros

Syros is located in the center of the Cyclades and, according to archaeological research, has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Ancient Ermoupolis was founded by the Ionians and subsequently occupied by Persians, Romans, Franks, and Turks, each leaving their own cultural imprint.

However, it was the Venetians who had the greatest influence on the island, transforming Syros into an important commercial center of the Eastern Mediterranean. The threat from pirates, though, led the residents to relocate the capital to the hill where the medieval settlement of Ano Syros stands today, with the Church of Saint George. The economic boom of Ermoupolis came after the revolution of 1821 when refugees from Psara, Chios, Crete, and Asia Minor settled here and developed their maritime and commercial activities.

The period of prosperity lasted until the early 20th century. Today, the splendor of the past is evident in the imposing architectural monuments of previous centuries.

Beaches in Syros

The majority of the island's popular beaches are located on its southeast side.

  • Galissas: It is the largest sandy beach in Syros. Truly, it is a beautiful beach with golden sand and crystal-clear waters.
  • Agathopes: It is a sandy beach with a narrow strip of land reaching the sea, with shallow waters.
  • Megas Gialos: It features two sandy shores, where visitors can gaze at the boundless blue under the shade of trees.
  • Megalos Agalas: It is a secluded beach on the islet of Gaidouronisi or Fanari, and access is only possible by boat.

On the western side of the island, you will encounter Delphini beach, an idyllic beach with beautiful sandy shores. You can also enjoy your swim at Achladi, Kini (one of the most picturesque beaches on the island). The island also has small secluded beaches for those who prefer tranquil swims. Fabrika beach got its name from an old factory that operated there during the island's industrial peak.

Sights in Syros

  • Ascend to Vaporia: The imposing urban buildings in Vaporia proudly rise above the Aegean Sea. Below, St. Nicholas with its recognizable dome invites you to enter. The sight of the marble altar, the majestic throne, and the chandeliers from Trieste will leave you awestruck. With a little luck, you will enjoy the harmony of the church choir that has been performing since 1920.
  • Explore Ermoupoli, the elegant capital: No one tires of walking in Ermoupoli. In the capital of Syros, you will find attractions such as the marble-paved streets, the high-ceilinged neoclassical buildings, and a historic aura. You will see the 19th-century Town Hall in the central square, designed by Chiller, and surrounding it the famous Apollo Theater, Club Hellas, and Pallas Cinema. Within these, you will discover the beauty of the past with artistic staircases and marvelous frescoes.
  • Ermoupoli Beach: At Ermoupoli Beach, you will find everything. Cafes, bars, shops, taverns, restaurants, and even a casino housed in a building from 1830.
  • The Loukoumi of Syros: You will find it everywhere in various flavors and aromas, and it is absolutely unique. It's not just the recipe or the sugar. Locals say that its distinct taste comes from the water of Syros.
  • Ano Syros of Vamvakaris: Here, you can still hear the bouzouki of Vamvakaris. Ano Syros, a protected historic settlement, invites you to explore it. Wander through its Cycladic alleyways, climb up to the Catholic Church of Agios Georgios, and stand at the square with the monument of the great Greek composer of rebetiko and folk songs, Markos Vamvakaris. From here, you will have a panoramic view of Ermoupoli.

Activities in Syros

  • The Syros Hiking Group offers travelers the opportunity to discover the secrets of the beautiful island in the most enjoyable way. For exercise enthusiasts, cycling is an ideal choice to explore the island. Interested individuals can rent bicycles from various shops and enjoy the island's beauty comfortably and with fun.
  • The Equestrian Club of the Cyclades in Livadia, Ermoupoli, offers travelers the possibility to explore the island's picturesque trails on horseback, providing a relaxing nature experience.
  • For boat excursions, you can rent a boat from the port of Ermoupoli and visit the nearby islets of Didymi and Aspro, as well as the rugged beaches of the island. You can also rent a boat from the charming Kini or seek information from a travel agency on the island.
  • For fishing enthusiasts, Syros offers many fishing spots with a wide variety of fish, depending on the season. There are several stores where you can obtain the necessary fishing equipment, such as Captain Hook Siros in Karnagio, Fishing Point & Blue Fish in Ermoupoli, and Fisherman's House on Paros Street.