Agistri is a tourist destination with pine trees, located across from Aegina, just 55 minutes from Piraeus. It is the smallest island in the Argosaronic Gulf, with approximately 1,000 permanent residents. This destination is like a small paradise, full of green trees, with pine branches reaching the azure waters of the sea.


History of Agistri

The history of the island is lost in the depths of time. Agistri has been inhabited since at least the 5th century BC when Peloponnesian settlers arrived on the island. According to Homer, it was the unexplored harbor of the brave Myrmidons and participated in the Trojan War.

In the late 17th century and even earlier, in the 14th century, Agistri is said to have welcomed many immigrants from the neighboring coasts of the Peloponnese, mainly Arvanites, who settled on the western side, next to the lake that still exists today. The rich Arvanite tradition added various elements to the island's history, explaining the colorful costumes still worn by some elderly women today who speak the Arvanite dialect.

During the Greek Revolution of 1821, little Agistri shed its blood for freedom. However, the most significant year for the island was 1835 when a royal decree established the Community of Agistri with 248 residents. Over time, the population of the island steadily increased. Until 1960, communication was carried out by caïques (small traditional boats) that arrived from Aegina. In 1960, the island was directly connected to Piraeus, and in 1973 it was electrified. On September 1, 2006, the inauguration ceremony of the new port in Megalochori took place, which was built to address the traffic congestion in the central port of Scala and enhance tourism on the island.

Beaches in Agistri

  • Skala is the liveliest beach on the island, just 100 meters away from the port. Although its waters are shallow, you need to walk a little further into the sea to reach swimming depth. This makes it ideal for families with young children.
  • Megalochari, also known as Mylos, is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, pebbles, and sand, located very close to the port.
  • To reach Halikiada Beach, you need to go from Skala towards Skliri. Then, you will follow a path through the pine trees. After about 600 meters, you will find yourself on the coastline, where you will enjoy a magnificent beach in a blue bay. Access to the beach is a bit difficult, but you will be rewarded with the scenery. It is also ideal for snorkeling.
  • Dragonera is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, surrounded by a lush pine forest. Its waters are clear, and the combination of pine trees and the sea creates a relaxing atmosphere. The beach has pebbles and provides sunbeds, as well as a canteen offering coffee and souvlaki. You can also discover small corners that can be turned into "private" beaches, spending the whole day on your "own" beach.
  • To reach Dragonera, you need to follow the road from Megalochari to Limenaria. In the middle, you will see a sign showing the direction to Dragonera. The road crosses a dense forest, and the pine trees are very close to the sea.
  • Apónisos Beach is also nestled among the pine trees, with crystal clear waters. It is a peaceful destination and perfect for romantic walks, offering an exotic atmosphere to its visitors. You will also find a traditional island tavern where you can enjoy fresh seafood and appetizers.
  • Mariza Beach is a rocky beach, approximately 300 meters from Limenaria (after the central square of the village, on the left), and it is surrounded by pine trees. Its waters are deep, making it ideal for swimming and playing.

Sights in Agistri

  • On the island of Agistri, we find four villages: Megalochori or Mylo (the main village), Skala (the natural harbor), Limenari, and Metochi. In Mylo, which got its name from a windmill on the edge of the village, you can admire the church of Zoodochos Pigi in the center of the village, as well as the traditional stone houses, cafes, picturesque cobblestone streets, and white steps. There, you will witness the combination of the island's traditional identity with modern hotel facilities. Taverns, restaurants, and snack bars are ready to welcome and serve every visitor in the best possible way.
  • In Skala, the standout feature is the all-white church of Agioi Anargyroi with its blue dome. Additionally, there is a large sandy beach with golden sand and clear, shallow waters, which is only 100 meters away from the harbor and is very popular. There, you will also come across the famous "Lovers' Path," a well-hidden uphill trail that is one of the most photographed spots on the island.
  • Between Skala and Megalochori, on the mountainside, lies Metochi. It is a beautiful picturesque village with a local character that deserves our attention. From the chapel of Panagia, which celebrates on August 15th, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.
  • Also, a visit to Limenaria cannot be missed. You will see pine trees, large cypresses, olive trees, vineyards, stone houses, the old school, the large church of Agia Kyriaki, and the picturesque harbor of Mareza. These are just a few examples of the beauty and magic that this location offers.
  • For those who love hiking, Agistri is perfect for beautiful walks and routes that will be unforgettable.

How to travel to / from Agistri?

From the port of Piraeus, you can travel to Agistri via daily ferry boats. These boats accommodate passengers, cars, and motorcycles. The duration of the journey is 1 hour and 45 minutes, arriving at Skala port in Agistri. During the trip, the first intermediate stop is Aegina, and then the ship continues to Agistri after approximately 15 minutes.

Additionally, there are daily Flying Dolphins departing from the port of Piraeus and heading to Agistri. The two companies offering this service are Hellenic SeaWays and Aegean Flying Dolphins. The duration of the journey with the Flying Dolphins is 55 minutes, and these boats only transport passengers. They arrive at Megalochori port in Agistri. Before reaching Agistri, the first intermediate stop is Aegina, and then the Flying Dolphins continue to Agistri after approximately 5 minutes.

Therefore, some visitors can choose to come to Agistri from Aegina using the Flying Dolphins that operate the Piraeus - Aegina - Agistri route.

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