Chios: Ferry schedules and online booking tickets

Chios: Ferry schedules and online booking tickets

  • Ferry routes and tickets Piraeus - Chios
  • Ferry routes and tickets Lesvos - Chios
  • Ferry routes and tickets Kavala - Chios

Ferry routes and tickets to Chios

Here are the most popular ferry routes to Chios:

  • Ferry routes Piraeus - Chios: There are daily ferry routes throughout the year from Piraeus to Chios. During the summer, ferry schedules are more frequent. To travel by ferry from Piraeus to Chios, you can choose the ships that depart daily from the port of Piraeus. The ferry journey from Piraeus to Chios takes an average of 8.5 hours, and the ticket price is €39.
  • Ferry routes Lesvos - Chios: If you want to travel from Lesvos to Chios, there are daily departures during peak traffic times. The ferry journey from Lesvos to Chios takes about 3 hours, and the ticket cost is approximately €20.
  • Ferry routes Kavala - Chios: The duration of the route from Kavala to Chios is approximately 11 hours, and the route is operated at least once a week. The ship makes intermediate stops in Lemnos and Mytilini (Lesvos). The ticket cost is €32.5.

How to book ferry tickets to Chios?

After choosing the suitable ferry route, you can easily and quickly book your ferry ticket online through booktickets. Complete your reservation to secure your spot on the ferry by booking affordable ferry tickets with all available discounts.