The coastal town of Ermioni is built on a peninsula covered in pine trees. It resembles an island, with its exceptionally beautiful beaches. Its picturesque harbor is renowned for its fish taverns and lively nightlife. It is easily accessible from Athens, either by car or by ferry from the port of Piraeus.


Beaches in Ermioni

There are various beaches in Ermioni, each with its own characteristics.

  • Madouri Beach: Located within Ermioni, it offers sandy shores and is close to Bisti, offering a beautiful landscape.
  • Kiveri Beach: This beach is the largest in the area and is situated in a bay with crystal clear and calm waters. It is organized and can accommodate activities like beach volleyball.
  • Sentoni Beach: This beach is located in a small, wind-protected cove, providing tranquil conditions.
  • Petrothalassa Beach: This beach stands out for its beautiful colors, offering a charming experience.
  • Dardiza Beach: Located 4 kilometers from Ermioni, it comprises two pebble beaches. The first is larger and more crowded, while the second is smaller and ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of these beaches to enjoy your time in Ermioni and the surrounding area.

Sights in Ermioni

  • The Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi: Located near Ermioni, in the direction of Kranidi, it is known for its healing springs and is built on the ruins of the temple of Asclepius, constructed between the 9th and 10th centuries. The monastery provided valuable assistance to the locals during the Ottoman rule and the Greek Revolution.
  • The Ancient Hill of "Pronos": Inhabited continuously for about 50 centuries, it features, on one side, the picturesque harbor with fish taverns, serving as an anchorage for the "dolphins" of the Argosaronic Gulf, and, on the other side, the cosmopolitan Mandrakia, with a lively nightlife and anchored fishing boats.
  • Thermisia: Located at the eastern boundary of Ermioni, it is known for the habitat hosting rare migratory birds during various seasons. Across from it stands the imposing Castle of Thermisia, built by the Venetians in the 12th century.
  • The Historical Folklore Museum: Located in a traditional stone-built house called "Oikonomou," it is an important part of recent history as the works of the Third National Assembly began here in 1827. In the garden in front of the museum, you can find statues of the Mitsa brothers, leaders of the people of Ermioni.
  • The Metropolitan Church of Taxiarchs: Located in the city center, it was built on top of the ancient temple of the goddess Demeter in the 17th century. It is a Byzantine-style church where participants of the Third National Assembly took their oaths.
  • Bisti: It is a protruding cape on the outskirts of the city, known for its magnificent green windmill and the stunning view it offers. Besides the azure waters, it also contains priceless archaeological treasures.

Activities in Ermioni

In the Municipality of Ermionida, there are various activities for visitors:

  • Diving: The underwater depths of the area offer a rich experience for amateur divers. You can explore the underwater life beneath the beaches and discover the beauty of the seabed.
  • Sailing: Ermioni is home to the Sailing Club, established with the aim of promoting the sport of sailing. Local families have dedicated efforts and resources to the club's development, which has been nationally recognized and has organized sailing competitions for children and young people.
  • Mountain Climbing: The area offers ideal locations for rock climbing, with beautiful landscapes. The Venetian Castle of Thermisia and the Kataphyki Gorge are suitable for this sport. Additionally, there is an old bridge and a church that serve as monuments and destinations for climbing enthusiasts.
  • Geological Phenomena: At the foothills of Mount Didymo Argolidas, there are two unique fields resembling volcanic craters, where chapels are located. This geological phenomenon is of interest to visitors who are interested in nature and geology.

These activities make the Municipality of Ermionida an attractive destination for those seeking adventure and natural beauty.

How to travel to / from Ermioni?

The only ferry company that offers fast ferry routes from Piraeus to Ermioni is Blue Star Ferries. There are approximately 13 departures per week, and these routes connect Athens with the Peloponnese.

  • Ferry Routes from Piraeus to Ermioni: The route from Piraeus to Ermioni operates 1-3 times a day and takes approximately 2.5 hours. Similarly, the route from Porto Heli to Ermioni usually runs twice a day and takes about 45 minutes.

Ferry Routes from Piraeus

  • Ferry routes from Piraeus to Hydra in 20-25 minutes
  • Ferry routes from Piraeus to Spetses in 25 minutes
  • Ferry routes from Piraeus to Poros in 1 hour

Additionally, the port of Ermioni is also connected by ferry to islands in the Argosaronic Gulf, with 1-2 routes per day using fast ferries.

  • Ferry Routes from Ermioni to Hydra in 25 minutes with a ticket cost of €11.5
  • Ferry Routes from Ermioni to Spetses in 25 minutes with a ticket cost of €11.5

How to book ferry tickets for Ermioni?

On the booktickets ticket reservation platform, you will find all ferry routes to Ermioni and departure times. Easily book affordable ferry tickets with all discounts for passengers and vehicles.