Pserimos consists of a small seaside settlement with fewer than 100 residents. It is a destination for a select few seeking ultimate tranquility. It also serves as the perfect spot for day trips for vacationers from neighboring larger islands. Psérimos offers a serene and simple vacation experience.


The History of Pserimos

Pserimos, along with the surrounding islets, formed a cluster of islands referred to as the "Islands of Calydnas" in the works of Homer. According to Pliny, he called it "Pserema," and this name has been preserved through the centuries. Since antiquity, Psérimos was one of the municipalities of the Ompoliteia of Kos and Kalymnos. A resolution from the first half of the 3rd century BC mentions this fact. In an inscription from the 3rd century, the name "Pserimos" was recorded alongside the list of rulers of Kos, indicating the island's dependence on Kos.

Later, Pserimos came under Ottoman rule in the early 16th century, following the fate of the other islands in the Dodecanese. In 1912, it fell into the hands of the Italians, and in 1948, it was incorporated into the Greek state.

Beaches in Pserimos

If you wish to explore the beautiful coastlines of Pserimos, you can walk for 10 minutes to 1 hour and reach one of the island's lovely beaches. Most of them are sandy and perfect for solitude, except during the high tourist season when they can be busier.

  • By walking, you can reach the beaches of Trevathia, Roussa, Vathi, and Tafos, where ceramics were once made. You can also explore the smaller and charming beaches of Marathounta, Korakia, and Glistra, which combine sand and pebbles. Additionally, Panagia tis Grafiotissas Beach is very beautiful, with sand and pebbles and clear waters. You can reach it by hiking for about 40 minutes from the island's port. Its name comes from the chapel of Panagia tis Grafiotissas, which is located near the shore, and in the area, there are traces of early Christian basilicas dating back to the 5th century BC.
  • Finally, Vathys is a clean beach with sand and pebbles, near the port of Pserimos. You can reach it via a well-marked trail that starts behind the "Pserimos Tavern." Please note that Vathys Beach is not organized, so you should bring your essentials.

How to Travel to Pserimos?

There is no direct route from Piraeus to Pserimos. The last stop of the ship from Piraeus is the island of Kalymnos. Then, there is a small boat that can take you to Pserimos from Kalymnos.

  • Ship routes Piraeus - Kalymnos: There are usually 5 ship itineraries from Piraeus to Kalymnos each week. The Piraeus to Kalymnos route is operated by Blue Star Ferries. The ferry trip from Piraeus to Kalymnos takes about 11 hours. The cost of a ticket starts from €75.
  • Ship routes Kalymnos - Pserimos: To reach Pserimos from Kalymnos, you can use the small ferry that departs daily at 09:30 in the morning and returns at 17:00. The duration of the journey is about 50 minutes.
  • Ship routes Kos - Pserimos: Additionally, from Kos, there are summer routes from Mastichari. The ships depart from the port in Mastichari, northwest of Kos, and reach Pserimos in 35 minutes.

How to Book Ferry Tickets to Pserimos?

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