Kymi is a beautiful town and port located in the region of Euboea. It is situated on the eastern side of Euboea and has a history spanning centuries as a maritime city. Built amphitheatrically on a hill overlooking the sea, it offers panoramic views of the Aegean.


History of Kymi

So far, excavations within the boundaries of the Municipality of Kymi have uncovered archaeological findings from the Late Helladic and Geometric periods of settlement. In the 6th century BC, Kymi is mentioned as a city by the geographer Stephanus of Byzantium, while during the period of Western rule in Euboea (1204-1470), it was known as a port. During the period of Ottoman rule, Kymi thrived economically, particularly in wine production and trade. It suffered significant destruction during the Greek War of Independence in 1821, but from the 1830s until the end of the 19th century, it experienced a period of economic prosperity. During the same period, its naval power also rose, with the number of sailing ships in its registry reaching 140 in 1870. Today, Kymi seeks to enhance its identity by highlighting its comparative advantages in the fields of transportation, tourism, agriculture, and food processing.

Beaches in Kymi

  • Kalamia: One of the most impressive beaches in the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri is Kalamia. The green waters, nestled among rocks and lush vegetation, create a captivating landscape on the beach of Kalamia.
  • Korasida: Korasida Beach is widely known for its beauty. With pebbles and crystal-clear turquoise waters, it perfectly combines the mountain and the sea. Additionally, the area is famous for its healing spring, which is believed to be beneficial for stomach and kidney ailments.
  • Kalamos: Kalamos is a beloved beach with white sand both on the shore and in the sea. Its waters are crystal clear and stunning, and there are two beaches located next to each other. The locals refer to them as the "good" and the "bad" beach. Kalamos offers a wonderful bathing experience in the area.
  • Heromylos Petriwn: Heromylos is a beach of unique beauty located near the community of Petriwn. The beach features fine pebbles in most of its area and coarse sand on its southern side. The waters are turquoise, with shallow parts that deepen abruptly.
  • Kakolimano: Kakolimano is a secluded beach with fine pebbles that deepens rapidly. It is unorganized but offers a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation and seclusion.
  • Klimaki: Klimaki is a small beach in a cove, just a few minutes away from the village of Agioi Apostoloi. It boasts astonishingly transparent waters, mainly sandy seabed, and a stable depth of about three meters.
  • Mourteri - Agios Merkourios: Mourteri Beach is one of the largest and most renowned beaches in Evia, near Kymi. It has sand and small pebbles, but it is exposed to strong winds. The waves often reach three to four meters in height.
  • Soutsini: Soutsini is a beach that caters to all tastes. It is located approximately 5 kilometers after the port of Kymi. One section of the beach is mostly frequented by families, while the edge of the beach is preferred by younger individuals, usually couples, seeking quieter and relaxed moments.

Sights in Kymi

There are many attractions you can visit in the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri.

  • The Temple of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary: Located in the village of Oxyliythos, this temple holds significant cultural and historical interest. It was built and painted in the late 13th century and is considered a masterpiece of Byzantine art. It is also known as "Panagia Petriotissa" because the icon of Panagia originated from the village of Petries. The temple is cruciform and constructed with unaltered stones, while the narthex and the wooden roof were added later. Inside the temple, you can admire beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary. On the eve of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the villagers set up large cauldrons and prepare food, which is blessed by the Metropolitan of Karystia and then distributed to the faithful.
  • The House of Georgios Papanikolaou: Born in Kymi, Georgios Papanikolaou was a globally renowned scientist who brought hope to millions of women. He discovered the well-known "Pap test," which is a powerful tool against cervical cancer. In 2014, the house of Georgios Papanikolaou was purchased by the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri and renovated, serving as a place of remembrance and honor for the scientist and his work.
  • Folklore Museum of Kymi: Founded in 1981 by the Cultural and Educational Association of Kymi, the Folklore Museum is housed in a three-story neoclassical building. The museum showcases numerous remarkable exhibits, including traditional costumes, military uniforms from the Balkan Wars, and the vestments of Agios Nektarios. You will be impressed by the representation of a typical old house of Kymi, including a living room, bedroom, weaving room, and loom. Additionally, embroideries, publications, and photographs from Kymi and the life of Georgios Papanikolaou are displayed. In the museum's garden, there is an open-air circular theater with approximately 250 seats, hosting cultural events.
  • Rizokastro: Rizokastro is a medieval castle located above the village of Milaki Aliveriou. It is said to be connected to it through an underground tunnel that stretches for 1.5 kilometers. It is an almost square-shaped castle, with some sections of its walls still preserved. Inside, you will find a reservoir and a colonnade. During the revolution, Nikolaos Kriezotis used the castle as a prison.
  • The Temple of Panagia Lioutsanissa: Situated in the neighborhood of Lioutsanissa in Kymi, this temple is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and is located one kilometer away from the city center. It was built in 1849 and recognized as a preserved monument in 1965. One of its notable features is the finely crafted marble iconostasis and pulpit, created by the marble sculptor Ioannis Chalepas, who was the son of the famous Yiannoulis Chalepas. According to legend, on the beach of "Mavra Litharia," the sea washed ashore several pieces of wood after a shipwreck. The locals noticed a light appearing on the sea every night, which disappeared when they approached it closely.

How to travel to / from Kymi?

The journey from Kymi, Evia to Skyros and the return is easy during the high season. The route from Kymi, Evia to Skyros is operated by Skyros Maritime Company. The route is only available during the high season. Tickets are available for both passengers and vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. The duration of the trip from Kymi, Evia to Skyros is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Currently, the route is operated directly without stops at other islands.