The enchanting Donousa, an island in the small Cyclades, with its exceptional beaches, exquisite flavors it offers, and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants, will undoubtedly captivate you. It is an ideal destination for a group of friends, with an exotic atmosphere. It boasts countless small coves and beaches with crystal-clear waters in all shades of blue.


History of Donousa

The island has a history of habitation dating back to the Geometric period, as evidenced by archaeological findings of Geometric settlements found on Donousa. According to mythology, Donousa was the island where Dionysus hid Ariadne to protect her from Theseus.

Excavations on the island have revealed remains of Geometric settlements and dwellings from the Bronze Age.

Donousa became more widely known in Greek political history when its inhabitants learned about the exile of King Otto 14 years after the events (when King George I visited the island). Furthermore, Donousa gained recognition in the history of World War I due to its supply of coal to the German cruiser Gaeben, which hid behind Cape Aspro, thus avoiding British and French naval plots.

Beaches in Donousa

  • Kedros Beach: Kedros is one of the most beautiful beaches on Donousa, nestled in a small cove on the south side of the island. There is a beachside café-bar.
  • Kalotaritissa: The three beaches in the Kalotaritissa bay - Vlycho, Mesa Ammos, Sapounochoma - are essentially continuous and united, all offering views of the islet of Skoulonisi. There is also a small jetty for small boats between the first two beaches and a taverna above Vlycho Beach.
  • Sapounochoma: It's the first of the three beaches in the welcoming bay of Kalotaritissa, located in the northeast of the island. It has a narrow opening, not exceeding 10 meters, with coarse pebbles on the shore and crystal-clear, icy waters, perfect for hot summer days.
  • Vlycho: This is the central beach in the Kalotaritissa bay, with fine pebbles on the shore and tranquil azure-green waters. Typically windless, it's an ideal spot for anchoring boats.
  • Mesa Ammos: It's the largest and farthest of the beaches in the Kalotaritissa bay. Sandy with stunning waters and a view of the highest peak of Donousa, Mount Papa.
  • Livadi Beach: For many, Livadi is the most beautiful beach on the island, boasting deep green waters and white sand. It's situated in a wind-sheltered bay below the settlement of Mersini. There are tamarisk trees for natural shade, while on the left side of the beach, you'll find the charming "sirmata," places where locals store their boats during the winter. Fykio Beach is connected to Livadi via a small footpath. It's a small and quiet beach surrounded by rocks with caves, sandy shores, and crystal-clear blue-green waters, ideal for those seeking peace and seclusion.
  • Vathi Limenari (Deep Harbor): Vathi Limenari is a small and peaceful beach with a rich history. Excavations conducted between 1968 and 1973 unearthed ruins from the Geometric Period, built on top of remnants of an earlier settlement from the Bronze Age.

Sights in Donousa

  • Wall Cave: This is a sea cave with impressive water colors and a curved chamber adorned with small stalactites.
  • Fokospilia: This cave is decorated with corals and stalactites, and the stunning water hues make it one of the most popular attractions in Donoussa.
  • Geometric Settlement: It's worth visiting this archaeological site to see the findings from the geometric settlement and to enjoy the beautiful sea view.

Activities in Donoussa

  • Hiking: The island has a network of trails totaling 12.4 kilometers, known as the Network of Paths of Cultural Interest. This network connects Stavros with the other villages on the island and remote beaches.
  • Mountain Running: Every October, there is a mountain running race on the island that crosses the mountainous terrain of the island, passing through the four villages of Donoussa and offering breathtaking views of the Aegean throughout the course.
  • Fishing: The western side of the island and the bay of Kalotaritissa are ideal for underwater fishing.
  • Jogging and Biking: The island's 13-kilometer regional paved road, starting from Stavros and ending in Kalotaritissa, is used by jogging and biking enthusiasts, offering routes with varying landscapes and levels of difficulty.
  • Day Trips: You can take day trips to the islands of the Small Cyclades (Koufonisia, Schinoussa, Irakleia), using Donoussa as a base and taking the f/b Skopelitis Express.
  • Festivals: On August 15th, the Panagia festival is celebrated, on September 13th, the Cross festival, and on September 17th, the Agia Sofia festival in Mersini.

How to travel to / from Donousa?

Donousa belongs to the island complex of the Small Cyclades, including Irakleia, Koufonisia, the uninhabited Keros, and Schoinoussa. To reach the island, you can use Blue Star Ferries from the port of Piraeus throughout the year. Additionally, there is the Skopelitis Express, which operates routes through Naxos or Amorgos three times a week, also connecting the island with the other Small Cyclades.

  • Ferry Routes Piraeus - Donousa: During the summer, there are approximately 2-3 weekly ferry routes from Piraeus to Donousa. The journey from Piraeus to Donousa takes about 7 hours, with the cost of a ticket being approximately €50.
  • Ferry Routes Naxos - Donousa: In the summer, there are about 2-5 ferry routes from Naxos to Donousa. The duration of the journey by ferry from Naxos to Donousa varies from 1 to 4 hours, with the cost of a ferry ticket ranging from €7.5 to €8.
  • Ferry Routes Koufonisia - Donousa: During peak season, there are at least 2 daily ferry connections between Koufonisia and Donousa. The duration of the route from Koufonisia to Donousa is about 1 hour, with the cost of a ticket being €7.
  • Ferry Routes Amorgos - Donousa: Throughout the summer, there are at least 4 daily ferry connections between Amorgos and Donousa. The ferry journey takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour, and the cost of a ferry ticket ranges from €5.5 to €6.5.

How to book ferry tickets to Donousa?

Make your reservation for your trip to and from Donousa by ferry with the ease and speed of our online system. Through the booktickets ticket reservation system, you have the opportunity to instantly see real-time prices and departures for ferries to and from Donousa and book your tickets in just a few minutes.