Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese. It is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning medieval architecture, and vibrant nightlife. On the booktickets platform, you will find all the ferry schedules to Rhodes, departure times, and ferry companies. Compare prices and easily book cheap ferry tickets with all the discounts for passengers and vehicles.


Ferry tickets and routes to Rodos

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The average travel time from Piraeus to Rhodes is 23 hours and 50 minutes. However, the shortest trip is provided by Blue Star Ferries with the ship Blue Star 2, lasting 15 hours and 30 minutes. The journey starts at 18:00 in the evening and arrives at 9:30 in the morning the next day.

Ships to Rhodes depart frequently throughout the year, especially during the summer months, from Athens and other islands in the Aegean. There are two ferry companies offering routes from Piraeus to Rhodes during the high summer season: Blue Star Ferries and Aegeon Pelagos. These routes connect Athens with the Dodecanese islands.

Here are some of the most popular ferry routes:

  • Ferry Routes from Athens to Rhodes: The ships depart from the port of Piraeus. During the low season, there are 1-2 ferries from Piraeus to Rhodes daily, while during the peak season, there are more frequent departures. The ships from Piraeus usually depart in the afternoon or evening. The ferry companies serving this route are Blue Star Ferries and Aegeon Pelagos Ferries. The ferry journey from Athens to Rhodes takes approximately 15-19 hours, depending on the ferry company. Generally, the ships of Blue Star Ferries are faster.
  • Ferry Routes from Symi to Rhodes: The duration of the trip is approximately 1 - 1.5 hours, and the ticket costs around 8€ - 22€. Dodekanisos Seaways and ANES Ferries operate daily schedules, with fewer by Blue Star Ferries. The duration of the journey is approximately 1 hour, and the ticket prices range from 8€ to 22€.
  • Ferry routes from Rhodes to Heraklion: Two companies operate routes from Rhodes to Heraklion, Crete. Currently, Blue Star Ferries offers a route once a week, with a travel time of around 11 hours. The cost of a one-way ticket is 26.5€, with intermediate stops at Karpathos, Kasos, and Siteia (Crete). Anek Lines also provides a route to the same destination, also once a week, but with a travel time of approximately 15 hours.

Other Ferry Routes:

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Beaches of Rhodes

Rhodes is known for its stunning beaches, some of which are considered among the best in Greece. Here are some of the most famous beaches in Rhodes:

  • Faliraki Beach - One of the most popular beaches in Rhodes, known for its long stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. It is also known for its lively atmosphere, with plenty of bars and restaurants nearby.
  • Tsambika Beach - A beautiful crescent-shaped beach located on the east coast of Rhodes. It is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea.
  • Lindos Beach - Located in the picturesque village of Lindos, this beach is famous for its turquoise waters and stunning scenery. It is overlooked by the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, which adds to its charm.
  • Anthony Quinn Bay - Named after the famous actor who filmed "The Guns of Navarone" on Rhodes, this beach is a small cove with crystal-clear waters and stunning rock formations.
  • Agathi Beach - Located on the east coast of Rhodes, this beach is known for its soft white sand and calm waters, making it ideal for families with young children.

These are just a few of the many beautiful beaches that can be found on the island of Rhodes.

Food in Rhodes

  • Rhodes has a rich culinary tradition that draws influences from Greek, Ottoman, and Mediterranean cuisines. The island is known for its fresh seafood, olive oil, herbs, and vegetables, which are used to create a variety of flavorful dishes.
  • One of the most famous dishes on Rhodes is "stuffed tomatoes and peppers" or "gemista," which are filled with a mixture of rice, herbs, and minced meat. Other popular dishes include "moussaka," a layered dish of eggplant, potatoes, and ground meat, and "souvlaki," grilled meat skewers served with pita bread and tzatziki sauce. Freshly caught fish is also a highlight of Rhodes' cuisine, with dishes such as "psarosoupa," a fish soup with vegetables, and "marides," fried small fish served with lemon.
  • For dessert, traditional sweets such as "baklava" and "galaktoboureko" are popular choices. Visitors to Rhodes can sample these delicious dishes at local tavernas, restaurants, and markets throughout the island.

Sights in Rhodes

  • Rhodes is a treasure trove of historical and cultural sights, with something to offer for every type of traveler. The medieval Old Town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit attraction, with its stunning architecture, narrow streets, and picturesque squares.
  • The Palace of the Grand Master, a magnificent medieval castle built by the Knights Hospitaller, is another popular sight that offers a glimpse into the island's rich history.
  • The Acropolis of Lindos, an ancient citadel perched high above the village of Lindos, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding coastline. Other notable sights on Rhodes include the ancient city of Kamiros, the Valley of the Butterflies, and the Monastery of Filerimos.
  • For those who love the outdoors, Rhodes offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, swimming, and sunbathing, with its beautiful beaches and scenic countryside. Whether you're interested in history, culture, or simply soaking up the Mediterranean sun, Rhodes has something to offer every visitor.

Activities in Rhodes

Rhodes offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences. Here are some of the top activities to do on the island:

  • Water sports - Rhodes is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, with options such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, and parasailing.
  • Island hopping - Rhodes is well-connected to other islands in the Dodecanese, making it easy to explore nearby destinations such as Symi or Kos.
  • Cultural experiences - From exploring the medieval Old Town to visiting ancient ruins and historic villages, Rhodes offers a wealth of cultural experiences.
  • Hiking and nature walks - The island is home to several nature reserves and hiking trails, including the Seven Springs and Valley of the Butterflies.
  • Food and wine tours - Sample the island's delicious cuisine and wines on a guided tour, visiting local tavernas, wineries, and markets.
  • Boat trips and cruises - Take a boat trip to explore hidden coves and beaches, or go on a day cruise to nearby islands.
  • Nightlife - Rhodes is known for its vibrant nightlife, with a wide variety of bars, clubs, and music venues to choose from.

History of Rhodes

Rhodes has a rich and fascinating history that spans over thousands of years. The island was inhabited by the Minoans in the Bronze Age and later became a major center of the Mycenaean civilization. In the 5th century BC, Rhodes became a powerful maritime state and established colonies throughout the Mediterranean. It was during this time that the famous Colossus of Rhodes was built, a giant statue that stood over 30 meters high and was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Rhodes later fell under the rule of the Romans, Byzantines, and the Knights Hospitaller, who built the magnificent Palace of the Grand Master. In the early 20th century, Rhodes was annexed by Italy and remained under Italian rule until the end of World War II when it was returned to Greece. Today, the island's rich history can still be seen in its many ancient ruins, impressive medieval architecture, and museums.