Patra is a city in western Greece and has one of the country's largest ports. The Port of Patra is an important commercial and passenger port, serving as a hub for numerous maritime connections. On booktickets you can find information and ferry routes, and you can easily and quickly book your ferry tickets.


History of Patras

The history of Patra dates back centuries. Although there are no precise records of its foundation, it is believed that the first settlements in the area of Patra existed since prehistoric times. The ancient name of the city was Patrai, and it was one of the most important cities of ancient Greece. During antiquity, the Patreans were members of the Achaean League and later the Achaean Confederacy. The city experienced significant growth and cultural flourishing during the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

Subsequently, Patra went through a period of limited importance during the Byzantine era. Later, the city was occupied by the Ottomans in 1458 and remained under Ottoman rule for approximately four centuries. Following the Greek Revolution of 1821, Patra became one of the centers of revolutionary activity.

Today, Patra is the third-largest city in Greece and serves as an important cultural and commercial hub. Visitors can enjoy the monuments of ancient, Byzantine, and modern history, as well as the beaches and the beautiful waterfront promenade.

The Port of Patra

  • The Port of Patras is one of the largest ports in Greece and serves as a significant commercial and passenger hub. It provides connections to various destinations in Greece and abroad.
  • The Port of Patras has two passenger terminals, the New Port and the Old Port. The New Port is a modern port that serves ferry routes to and from Italy, such as Bari, Ancona, and Venice, as well as Greek cities like Igoumenitsa and Corfu. The Old Port is primarily used for local ferry routes to Ionian Sea islands such as Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Ithaca.
  • Furthermore, the Port of Patras functions as a commercial port, handling cargo imports and exports, as well as catering to cruise tourism. The port has various facilities including storage areas, passenger terminals, restaurants, and shops, as well as security and customs services.
  • The Port of Patras is an important economic and tourist hub for the region, serving as a gateway for many visitors and travelers.

Sights in Patras

Some of the most important landmarks in Patras that every visitor should see are:

  • Archaeological Museum of Patras: This significant archaeological museum is located at the northern entrance of the city, on the New National Road of Patras-Athens. It includes important archaeological collections and exhibits.
  • Roman Odeon: This impressive Roman structure, renovated and used for theatrical and musical events, is located in the Upper Town next to the Roman Stadium.
  • Patras Castle: This castle is situated on a low hill of Mount Panachaikos and offers a fascinating historical narrative, as well as stunning panoramic views of the city.
  • Theater "Apollo": This historic theater is located in Georgiou Square and is an architectural gem from another era. It is the only theater in Greece that has been continuously operational since its establishment.
  • Achaia Clauss: This winery is located on a lush hill southeast of the center of Patras and is considered one of the region's significant tourist attractions. It was founded by Bavarian Gustav Clauss and is the first organized winery in Greece.
  • The Lighthouse: This modern lighthouse, constructed in 2000, is located in the area of the Church of Agios Andreas. Although it is not used for maritime purposes, it functions as a café-restaurant in South Park and offers a pleasant walk in a park specially designed for families with young children. It is also used for concerts and events.
  • The Rio-Antirrio Bridge: It is a cable-stayed bridge completed in 2004 between Rio and Antirrio, connecting the Peloponnese with western mainland Greece.

These are some of the most important landmarks that one can visit in the beautiful city of Patras.

Ferry routes and tickets from Patras Port

Ship routes from the Port of Patra can vary depending on the season and the company. Some of the common destinations from the Port of Patra include:

  • Ferry routes from Patra to Ancona, Italy: Daily ship routes operate from the Port of Patra to the port of Ancona in Italy. The ferry companies that provide services for the Patra - Ancona connection are Anek Superfast and Hellenic Seaways. Typically, there are two daily ship routes, departing in the afternoon at 14:30 or in the evening at 17:30. The duration of the journey is approximately 20 hours.
  • Ferry routes from Patra to Bari, Italy: Ships depart daily from the Port of Patra to the port of Bari in Italy at 17:30. All routes on the Patra - Bari line are operated by the ferry company Anek Superfast. The journey takes about 17 hours.
  • Ferry routes from Patra to Venice, Italy: Two to three ship routes per week, depending on the season, depart from the Port of Patra to the port of Venice in Italy. The routes are usually operated by Anek Superfast. Ships from Patra depart in the evening from 23:00-23:59. The journey lasts approximately 32 hours.
  • Ferry routes from Patras to Pisaetos, Ithaca: The ferry company Levante Ferries operates Ferry routes throughout the year. The journey lasts approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Tickets are available for both passengers and vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. It is easy to travel from Patras to Pisaetos, Ithaca, as the ships operate this itinerary on a continuous basis without any time restrictions.
  • Ferry routes from Patras to Sami, Kefalonia: The ferry company Levante Ferries offers ferry routes from Patras to Sami, Kefalonia, throughout the year. The journey takes about 3 hours.

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